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Free download Schrodinger PyMOL for MacOS Latest full version – Visualize & analyze complex molecules for research.

Free Download Schrodinger PyMOL, the full version of the standalone offline installer for macOS. It is powerful and versatile molecular visualization software that allows users to visualize and analyze molecular structures in 3D. It is an essential tool for researchers, educators, and students in structural biology, chemistry, and related disciplines.

Overview of Schrodinger PyMOL for macOS

It is indispensable in scientific disciplines like computational chemistry and structural biology. This tool enables the detailed analysis and visualization of complex molecular structures, facilitating a deeper understanding of their functions and interactions. Allowing users to manipulate and study protein structures from databases like the Protein Data Bank enhances research in drug design and protein-ligand interactions.

Moreover, Its user-friendly interface and ability to simulate molecular dynamics make it a vital resource for researchers seeking to unravel the complexities of molecular systems.

Features of schrodinger PyMOL for macOS

  • Interactive 3D Visualization: It allows users to interactively manipulate and explore molecular structures in 3D, providing a more intuitive way to understand complex biomolecular structures.
  • High-Quality Rendering: It uses advanced rendering techniques to produce high-quality images and animations, making it ideal for creating publication-quality figures and presentations.
  • Molecular Editing: It includes tools for molecular editing, allowing users to modify and optimize molecular structures directly within the software.
  • Measurements and Analysis: It provides tools for measuring distances, angles, and other properties of molecular structures and for performing advanced structural analysis.
  • Scripting and Automation: It supports scripting in Python, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and customize the software to suit their specific needs.
  • Integration with Other Tools: It can easily integrate with other computational chemistry and molecular modeling tools, allowing seamless workflows.
  • Educational Use: It is widely used in academic settings to teach molecular biology and biochemistry, thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful visualization capabilities.
  • Plugin Support: It supports a variety of plugins that extend its functionality, allowing users to add new features and tools as needed.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit macOS 12+, including Apple Silicon (M1, M2) with Rosetta 2
  • CPU:x86_64 compatible processor
  • Memory:4 GB memory per core
  • Space:18 GB disk space for software installation; 400-500 GB if databases (PDB, BLAST, etc) are also installed
  • A network card with a configured network interface
  • 16-bit color (for Maestro)


Q: Can it be used to visualize non-biological molecules?

A: It can visualize many molecules, including non-biological molecules such as small organic compounds.

Q: Does it support virtual reality (VR) headsets?

A: It has experimental support for virtual reality (VR) headsets, allowing users to visualize molecular structures in a VR environment.


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