Free Download KiCad’s latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an electronic design automation (EDA) software suite that allows engineers and hobbyists to design printed circuit boards (PCBs) and schematics.

Overview of KiCad for macOS

It is a powerful suite of tools for creating and editing PCB layouts and schematics. This whole set of programs belongs to a separate class, EDA – Electronics Design Automation. Built-in components will allow you to create, visualize, and check the correctness of ERC rules. This software allows you to develop complex circuit diagrams using electronic component databases and check signal integrity. It includes free applications, open bases and templates, and libraries.

The user can create professional printed circuit board layouts and well-designed electrical circuit diagrams of up to 32 layers of copper. Now, the program has a push-to-shove router for working with differential pairs and an interactive tool for adjusting the length of tracks.

Features of KiCad for macOS

  • Schematic Editor (Eeschema): Eeschema is the module for creating and editing schematics. It allows users to design electronic circuits by connecting components and defining connections.
  • PCB Layout Editor: Pcbnew is the PCB layout editor that lets users arrange components, define the routing of traces, and ensure proper spacing and clearances for a PCB design.
  • Footprint Editor: The Footprint Editor enables users to create custom footprints for components or modify existing ones. This is crucial for ensuring that components fit correctly on the PCB.
  • 3D Viewer: It includes a 3D viewer that allows users to visualize their PCB designs in three dimensions. This helps in verifying component placements and detecting potential interference issues.
  • Gerber File Export: It can export Gerber files, which are essential for manufacturing PCBs. These files include detailed information about copper layers, solder masks, and silkscreen markings.
  • Community Libraries: It has a vast and active user community, contributing to a growing library of components and footprints. This makes finding and using the components you need in your designs easier.
  • Modular Design: Its modular approach allows users to design complex circuits by combining smaller schematics.
  • Hierarchical Schematics: You can create hierarchical schematics, making managing and understanding complex designs easier.
  • Design Rule Checking (DRC): It has a built-in DRC feature that helps ensure your PCB design meets manufacturing constraints.
  • Interactive Routing: Pcbnew provides interactive routing capabilities, simplifying the creation and editing of PCB traces.
  • Multi-Sheet Schematics: Large projects can be split into multiple sheets, making organizing and working on complex designs easier.

Technical Details and System Requirements

MacOS 11.0 or later


Q: Can I import/export designs from other EDA tools?

A: It supports importing and exporting various file formats like Eagle, Altium, and more, making it easy to collaborate with users of different EDA tools.

Q: How can I access the community-contributed libraries?

A: You can access community-contributed libraries through its library manager, which allows you to search for and install libraries directly from within the software.

Q: Does It offer any simulation capabilities?

A: It focuses on schematic capture and PCB design. While it doesn’t provide built-in simulation tools, you can export your designs to third-party simulation software.

Q: Is It suitable for beginners?

A: It has a learning curve but provides extensive documentation and a helpful community. Many beginners find it accessible and rewarding once they are familiar with the basics.


It is a powerful, free, open-source tool for designing printed circuit boards and schematics on macOS. Whether you’re a professional engineer or a hobbyist, It offers the features and flexibility needed to bring your electronic designs to life.

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