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Free download Xactions for MacOS Latest Offline Installer – Powerful and simple Automation Executor.

Free Download Xactions by Troll Tech, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a powerful automation tool that simplifies your workflow by eliminating repetitive tasks. With features such as keystroke timing, mouse actions, and shell script execution, Xactions helps you streamline your work and increase productivity.

Overview of Imtroll Xactions for macOS

It is a versatile tool designed to support automation tasks. With its array of powerful features, it can streamline your workflow and eliminate repetitive tasks. Whether you need to set keystroke timings, automate mouse clicks, input text automatically, or execute shell scripts, this app has you covered.

Features of Imtroll Xactions for macOS

  • Automated Configuration Types: Xactions supports various automated configuration types to meet diverse needs efficiently.
  • Keystroke Timing and Repetitions: Set the timing of keystrokes and specify the number of repetitions and intervals.
  • Click Events with Screenshot Recognition: Automate click events based on screenshot recognition of coordinates on the screen.
  • Text Input and Complex Interactive Operations: Automatically input text and perform complex interactive operations.
  • Continuous Execution Actions: Set up continuous actions for tedious and complex operation processes.
  • Real-time Log: Keep track of actions with real-time logs.
  • Shell Script Execution: Execute shell scripts seamlessly within the app.
  • App Launch and Switch: Easily launch or switch between multiple apps with Xactions.
  • Mouse Actions: Perform mouse actions such as clicking, double-clicking, and long pressing.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 11.0 or later


Q: Can it automate mouse actions?

A: Yes, it supports various mouse actions such as clicking, double-clicking, and pressing long.

Q: Does it support real-time logging?

A: Yes, it supports real-time logging to help you keep track of your actions.

Q: Can it execute shell scripts?

A: Yes, it can seamlessly execute shell scripts within the app.


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