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Free download StartupManager for MacOS Latest offline installer – Manage your startup items with just a few clicks.

Free Download arievanboxel StartupManager, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. This handy tool lets you control your Mac’s startup process, helping you streamline it for optimal performance.

Overview of StartupManager for macOS

It is a lightweight yet powerful application. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your startup items with just a few clicks. Allowing you to choose which applications launch automatically when you start your Mac puts you in the driver’s seat, permitting you to customize your startup experience to suit your needs.

Login monitor

At Login,  This software waits until you have a network connection. If you do not want to stay, press the Space bar. You have some time to change the login set.

Features of StartupManager for macOS

  • Define startup order
  • Unlimited Login Sets
  • Change a Set when you’re about to log in
  • Decide if you want to hide the process (like it was before macOS 13)
  • Introduce a delay before starting an item
  • Add URLs to the Login List (by dragging an url to the browser’s address bar)
  • Add any process, such as loginHelpers, inside application packages
  • Use the (Option) key to add a process from inside the application bundle
  • You can drag items onto the list
  • Skip items that need network access when there’s no network available
  • Import/export from/to existing System Setting Logins Items (if possible)
  • Monitor at Login the processes that are started up
  • Start or stop login processes (most processes)
  • Handy when adding new ones
  • Light and Dark mode
  • Rename Sets and Login processes
  • StartupManager uses a simple update mechanism (Sparkle would increase the size of this application un-proportional)
  • Written in SwiftUI
  • For Power Users only

Technical Details and System Requirements

MacOS 10.10 or later


Q: Can I revert changes?
A: You can quickly revert changes by re-enabling or adding back the startup items.

Q: Will It slow down my Mac?
A: No, It is a lightweight application designed to have minimal impact on your Mac’s performance.

Q: Can I schedule startup items to launch at specific times?
A: No, It does not currently support scheduling startup items. However, you can manually add or remove startup items as needed.

Q: Does It collect any personal data?
A: No, It does not collect any personal data from users.

Direct Download

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